Harrison David, Columbia University Student, Begins Sentence at Rikers for Dealing Coke


In December of last year, five Columbia University students were busted in “Operation Ivy League” for dealing drugs, including cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, and pot, at campus dorms and frat houses. One of them, Harrison David, 20, notable for allegedly telling a detective he had to deal drugs because his dad wouldn’t pay his tuition and for being dubbed by Gawker as “the sexy one,” turned himself in to serve 3 and a half months at Rikers this morning.

This is something of a boon, as it goes, for David and his plastic surgeon dad. Prosecutors initially had wanted to send him away for a year in state prison, with two years probation, for selling just under five grams of coke in two separate incidents to undercover cops for $1,300. Further negotiations resulted in a plea agreement agreed to by the prosecutor and the defense attorney prior to David’s guilty plea in July. He was sentenced to six months this morning, which, accounting for “good behavior” and the fact that he already served two weeks when his dad left him in jail after his arrest in December, makes for the 3-and-a-half month term at Rikers.

David will get five years probation upon his release and will have to apply to new schools, with all that on his permanent record.

His defense lawyer Matthew Myers said the sentence is “not too bad. At least not for those of us who don’t actually have to serve it.”

As for the remaining four in the ring, if they plead guilty to felony drug charges, prosecutors have said they’ll agree to no-jail deals.

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