Hear A(n Awesome) New Three-Part Song By Olivia Tremor Control


Today is apparently Good Vibes Day here at Sound of the City, and that’s thanks in no small part to the release of “The Game You Play Is in Your Head Parts 1, 2, 3,” the first new song in 10 years by the Athens psych-pop outfit Olivia Tremor Control. Split into three movements—part one is a harmony-drenched shuffle, part two is a chiming, echo-drenched lullaby that’s cut by some razor-sharp guitars and squealing feedback, and part three is a driving campfire singalong—the track is not unlike a really good seven-inch squished into a single audio file.

The song’s premiere is paired with an in-depth interview with OTC’s Will Cullen Hart (his paintings serve as the artwork for most of the band’s releases) in which he talks about where the band’s been for the past 10 years (he’s been dealing with multiple sclerosis, although he says that in recent times he’s getting better and the band is “happy and having fun”), the “Elephant 6 backlash” (see, that phenomenon existed in the pre-Twitter days!), and the new record they’re working on.

Olivia Tremor Control plays (Le) Poisson Rouge on September 21—three weeks from tomorrow. Not gonna lie, I kind of got tears in my eyes when this new song started coming through my speakers this morning. So, you know, seek me out at the show, because I’ll probably be in a heightened state there as well.