Here’s a Bizarre Spam Email Purporting to Be From Bill Keller [Update]


From a source this afternoon, we received a particularly strange spam email she’d gotten in her inbox. Subject line: “NEW YORK TIMES”. It’s from — when you go to, it redirects to

Anyway! Let’s take a look. Parts bolded are the best parts.

Date: Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 1:26 PM
To: [redacted]@[redacted].com


I am Bill Keller The Editor of The New York Times.
I have done something so wrong I am very drunk now and I am trying to make things right.

Millions of dollars have been stolen from charity and Sulzberger The NYT publisher and myself covered this up at the request of The White House or to be exact at the request of The President

The money was stolen by a small time actress by the name of Elizabeth Gracen and this woman is still involved with Bill Clinton and Clinton asked the current President to make sure Gracen is not prosecuted.

The money Gracen stole is over 200 million dollars.

Gracen stole this money from Chris Hepburn little is known about him he is a writer and stage actor a lot of stories going around but we think he is the Grandson of Katherine Hepburn from a child she placed for adoption at 17.

Gracen took this money from Hepburn and left Hepburn in Paris Hepburn was homeless in Paris for 2 years as Gracen spent his money.

I have tried to make things right with Hepburn but my publisher will not let me.

I will resign from The Times shortly what I have done is wrong so very wrong.

We have no idea where Gracen is I think she has a new ID from Clinton but this woman belongs in jail.

To steal millions of dollars that should have fed children in the 3rd world is sick.

Hepburn explains it on his website but
he tends to ramble.

I am also going to return my Pulitzer Prize I do not deserve it.

Bill Keller
Editor New York Times

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Jesus, quitting the executive editor position must be taking a toll on the guy.

There’s just one other mention of Keller’s impostor on the Internet, from a few weeks ago. Have you received this email from Fake Bill Keller? Do tell.

Update 3:30 p.m.: Filed in “things that are now totally fucking obvious”: the email is from the above-mentioned Chris Hepburn, a notorious Internet troll who’s given us headaches in the past. Ugh. We regret the error of giving him any more publicity.