My Most Embarrassing Moment Of The Year


I was at a dinner at a friend’s house, where a very personable and talented actress showed up, known for her role in a hit series, as well as for theater performances.

She asked me what I thought of a certain Off-Broadway play.

That was my cue: I went off on it!

I said it was clichéd and tired and banal and dull.

I unleashed all my fury about how deeply overrated I felt the whole mess was.

I even started parroting some of the dialogue, exaggerating its badness for effect.

I got a few laughs from others at the table, but the actress projected sort of a pained half-smile, with the emphasis on pained.

“Well, I just signed to join the cast,” she informed as chins dropped throughout the room.

Oops, I did it again.

Terrible moment. I wanted to cut myself.

But at least I had a good save.

“Well, it’s actually a great vehicle for actors,” I chirped, quickly drowning myself in more food.