TLC’s Big Sexy Star Gives Me The Skinny On The Dating Scene


Fat and sexy ladies will parade around TLC for a three-part series, starting tonight at 10.

I just chewed the fat with one of them — Leslie Medlik, who’s a stylist for women of all sizes. The woman has style — and sense — for days.

Me: Hi, Leslie. Do you use the word fat?

Leslie: Yes. It’s more direct and it’s not a dirty word. I’m fat and it’s great that I’m fat. Some people are skinny and that’s great. Kudos to everyone!

Me: Do you have a partner?

Leslie: Right now I’m so single. I’ve got nothing going on. If you know of anyone who likes big girls, let me know.

Me: Will do. Can being fat be a benefit on the dating scene?

Leslie: I wish I could say yes. Unfortunately, for me it makes it harder to date. It seems so much harder to find a guy that likes big girls or who’s willing to admit he likes big girls. There’s still that stigma in our society that we’re not as good of a prize.

Me: But you’re so cute. Are you the cutest one on the show?

Leslie: No! [Laughs.] It’s amazing how we’re all attractive!