Whole Foods Will Not Confirm a Rumored Williamsburg Location


Is Whole Foods doing the all-but-inevitable and opening a Williamsburg location?

Both The Art Newspaper and The New York Observer have reported a rumor that the grocery chain is planning to open a storefront in the Monster Island Art Center on Kent Avenue, which is closing due to, yes, rising rents.

We called the Whole Foods press department for confirmation and were told that new stores are announced on the company’s quarterly earnings call, the next of which will take place in October. In the meantime, a rep for the company told us that while he couldn’t confirm or deny a possible Williamsburg location, rumors of this nature generally originate with property developers who want to use the Whole Foods name to attract business.

Whether or not the store comes to fruition, we can only say that we have yet to find a more appropriate symbol for Williamsburg’s complete capitulation to the forces of gentrification, or a more logical endpoint for a road littered with jars of artisanal pickles, small-batch cacao nibs, Duane Reade growlers, punnily named fried anchovies, and the people who consume them.