Who’s The Best Music Star Turned Actor?


Let’s stick with the living, which rules out Sinatra, Elvis, and Michael Jackson in The Wiz.

Your choices are:

*Will Smith

Let’s not forget he started out as the jamming, slamming Fresh Prince! Shockingly, Will ended up as one of the most successful movie stars of our age, with two Oscar nominations that didn’t come from Scientology alone. And two superstar offsping, too! Where there’s a Will, there’s a way.

*Mark Wahlberg

Once known as the underwear-flashing Mark Mark and a ruffian, he segued pretty seamlessly into action films, ape flicks, and even a Best Picture (The Departed). Mark has defied the odds, and the naysayers. Face it: Nobody saw this coming!

*Justin Timberlake

He left music superstardom behind to become the new Olivier — or try to, anyway. He was OK, but not great, in Social Network, coming off more confident in Friends With Benefits, though that started as a trippy, zingy comedy and ended in a heap of clichés. Should he go back to a boy band?