And In Case You Haven’t Seen It Yet: Here’s That Chipotle Video Featuring Willie Nelson Covering Coldplay


Oh, how to feel about Chipotle’s new short film intended to express its philosophy on sustainability and the value of small farms? On the one hand, it features Willie Nelson; on the other hand, it’s a restaurant chain. But that chain is Chipotle, a company that hired nose-to-tail chef Nate Appleman to make to-die-for chorizo tacos and experiment with local ingredients. Still, isn’t this the same Chipotle that’s been unscrupulously selling bacon-laced bean burritos to unsuspecting vegetarians for years? OK, OK. But the video has adorable Wallace & Gromit-style animation. Yes, but it’s also clearly a corporate marketing ploy that inevitably glosses over many of the problems driven by a fast-food culture. Wait: Isn’t the company donating $0.60 from each iTunes download of the video’s song to its Cultivate Foundation, which funds sustainable agriculture initiatives? Yeah, but isn’t that song originally by Coldplay? Ack! We admit it: We’re torn. Why don’t you watch for yourself and let us know what you think …