Both Serafina and Walker’s to Bestow More Pizza Upon Manhattan


Given that it’s been at least a week since we got wind of a new pizzeria, we’re relieved to hear that more pizza is in store for both the Upper West Side and Tribeca.

The former comes courtesy of Serafina 77, a new outpost of the Serafina chain that will open in the space formerly occupied by Tom Valenti’s West Branch. The West Side Rag reports that the restaurant, which will also serve pasta, should open in the next several months or so.

Closer on the horizon is Girello, a pizzeria opening in the annex of Walker’s, the landmarked Tribeca bar. As Tribeca Citizen reports, its owners had been working on the annex for the better part of the last two years, and have outfitted it with a brick oven, 34 seats, and a six-seat bar. Given that the neighborhood is relatively light on pizza, the new place should be a welcome addition — provided, of course, that it doesn’t offend the nostrils of its neighbors.