Dish No. 37: Milk Bar’s Avocado Toast


Milk Bar is a low-key, unassuming place. It’s ideal for Vanderbilt Avenue people-watching, and for contemplating the beauty that can be found in a perfectly poached egg.

This particular poached egg sits on top of Milk Bar’s avocado toast, a muscular slab of multigrain that’s been browned to its peak crunch point and then smeared with chunky, creamy avocado salsa embellished with lime juice, cilantro, and diced red onion.

The egg, which has been dusted with paprika, yields a warm, runny yolk that oozes over everything in a deliberate sort of way. Watching its quiet destruction is oddly satisfying, though not as much as eating it, and using the last bits of crust to scrape up every last drop you can.

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