Donatella Arpaia To Slap Her Magnificent Meatballs Onto Her Awesome Pie


Like some tall, blond mad genius, Donatella Arpaia is about to unveil a creation that is sure to make you salivate.

Our Man Sietsema fell easily for her pizza, deeming it “fantastic.” And her meatballs spoke for themselves at last year’s Meatball Madness event at the New York Wine & Food Festival, where she took first prize. So, it should go without saying that our expectations for her new Polpette pizza at her eponymous Chelsea restaurant are pretty freaking high. The pie is topped with San Marzano tomatoes, caciocavallo cheese, pecorino, basil, and the much-ballyhooed tomato-braised veal orbs. Expect it to show up on the menu sometime next month, when you’ll hear us cackle, “It’s alive!” (Evil laugh.)