Erica Abbott, Professional Dancer, Killed in Brooklyn Bike Accident


On Tuesday, a 29-year-old Brooklyn-based dancer named Erica Abbott was killed when she fell off her bike and was run over by a car. Abbott, who was wearing a helmet, was biking south on Bushwick Avenue when she lost her balance on a pile of wood and fell toward traffic. A 2002 Mercedes-Benz driven by a 34-year-old woman ran her over. She was rushed to Woodhull Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival. Cops deemed the tragedy an accident.

After the accident, Abbott was reportedly lying in a pool of her own blood as a crowd of people gathered around. Someone removed her shirt from her back to stop the bleeding.

Abbott lived in East Williamsburg and grew up in Rochester. She got a degree in dance from SUNY Purchase and was a part of AFCDance, a now-defunct modern dance company, where she danced and did costume design.

This story reminded us of another Brooklyn bike accident, written about in these pages two weeks ago (although in that case the victims lived, thankfully). It’s scary out there for bikers.