Greenwich Village Preservation Society Fights NYU Expansion With Cartoon Ghost


Every year, NYU hosts a Halloween children’s parade in conjunction with Manhattan Community Board 2. This year they’re holding a contest to design the parade’s official tote bag. The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation (GVSHP), sworn enemies of NYU’s massive 2031 expansion plan, have made a submission to the contest and called upon others to do the same. Behold:

According to Andrew Berman, the executive director of GVSHP, they sent in a protest submission to the design contest because “this is a good way to get the attention and involvement of the community as we enter a crucial stage of the approval process” for NYU’s Village expansion plans. The first public hearings for NYU’s plans are scheduled for the end of the year.

Berman is aware that the society’s protest entry stands little chance of being chosen by the school, but said that “it’s not just for NYU.”

“We also want people to send their submissions to us. We’ll post them on our blog,” he said.

When we pointed out that the flyer might come off as a little too political for a children’s event, Berman reiterated that he didn’t think NYU would choose the design and that “I think it has the right tone and tenor.”

On NYU’s end, university spokesman John Beckman sent us this statement:

“NYU will continue to look for people who want to engage in a serious dialogue about how to balance our academic needs and the jobs our expansion would bring with the concerns of our neighbors. We’ll leave it to others to judge whether attempting to politicize a longstanding children’s event, co-sponsored with Community Board 2, clears that bar.”

That second sentence — hoo boy. NYU takes no prisoners.