Harvard Victoriously Regains ‘Most Talked-About U.S. University’ Ranking


Breath a sigh of relief, social-media-driven future masters of the universe reading this while debating whether to put on your Harvard or your Northwestern sweatshirt! Harvard is back in business! Horrifyingly, last year the esteemed university had fallen in the rankings, no longer at the top of the list of “most talked-about U.S. universities,” failing to meet the high standards expected of it. But according to a new survey, Harvard is back to the number one position on the list, just in time for back to school! What a relief for incoming freshman, who surely were concerned their college experience was never going to compare to what everyone had been saying on Twitter and Facebook.

Harvard battled to the pain against Northwestern University and the University of California, Berkeley, for this honor, which is based on how many people mention the schools’ names on blogs, social media, and the “top 75,000 print and electronic sites,” according to the Global Language Monitor.

Education institutions then use this information to figure out what students think of them. Those at Harvard blamed their previous downturn in ranking on the recession and the endowment crisis that followed, because, what else could it possibly be?

Of course, a frequency of mentioning someone or something’s name on the Internet does not necessarily mean you feel positively about it — in fact, sometimes, far the contrary. Beyond that, there’s a matter of who‘s saying it. But Harvard’s so smart, they have to know that, right?

If you didn’t go to Harvard, hopefully you go to one of these other places, or you are, clearly, no one. (We are no one. Crap.)

The Top 10 schools on the “Internet media buzz list”:

1) Harvard University

2) Northwestern University

3) University of California, Berkeley

4) Columbia University

5) California Institute of Technology

6) Massachusetts Institute of Technology

7) Stanford University

8) University of Chicago

9) University of Texas, Austin

10) Cornell University

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