Neil Patrick Harris, You Got Me In A Fight


On a journalism panel recently, I started spouting my familiar bit about how great it is that while people said there could never be an out gay movie star, Neil Patrick Harris has proved them to be wrong, seeing as he’s playing a hetero in The Smurfs and it’s a hit.

And one of the other panelists muttered, “But it’s just one.”

That burned me up. I went off like a firework.

Said I:

“But you used to say there could never be an out TV star and then some people came out and did fine.

“And you responded, ‘But they’re women.’

“And then some men came out, too, and did really well, and you said, ‘But it’s TV.’

“And now there’s finally an out star in movies [and TV] and you’re saying, ‘But it’s just one’?

“Why don’t you just shut up?????”