This New Sitcom About A ’90s All-Lady Band Reuniting In The Present Day Should Be About (Or Loosely Based On) Cake Like


News on a new sitcom just purchased by ABC: “The as-yet-untitled project would revolve around a ‘super cool’ 1990s all-girl band who, after 20 years of bad blood, tries to reunite though they’re no longer girls and no longer cool.” You may not be surprised to find out that people have opinions on this show! Some are calling for a pre-emptive moratorium on jokes about “mom jeans,” while others are a bit more craven in their desires for how this deal should shake out. But a friend of a friend on Facebook made an offhand comment that resulted in me realizing that, clearly, the band being profiled should not be made up of “four Gwen Stefani characters” (shudder) but should be at least based on Cake Like, the twisted downtown squall-pop act from that storied decade that had as its members Kerri Kenney-Silver (of The State, Viva Variety, Reno 911!, and other comedic efforts), Nina Hellman, and Jodi Seifert. Because not only would the songs be pretty good, there would be a chance for cameos by the likes of John Zorn (signed ’em to Avant, released their first LP), Ken Marino (formerly of The State), and the 7-Eleven that’s coming to the Bowery soon (watch the hilarity ensue!). Kenney-Silver’s comic timing alone would make the thing transcend your usual half-hour sitcom fare, or at least blunt the “sexist ideals thriving amidst a laugh track” knife a bit. More clips below, because I am dead serious about this.

“Bum Leg”


“Lorraine’s Car”



See? See?