At Least Two Animals Benefited From Hurricane Irene


This week, a lost cat was adopted and a baby lamb was born, and we can all thank Hurricane Irene. Yeah, that Hurricane Irene, the one that is one of the top ten costliest storms in U.S. history, shut down the biggest transit system in the country for a weekend, and caused widespread devastation
and the Catskills. Forget all that noise! Focus on the kitty and the wee baby lamb, both of whom are happy and healthy.

First, the lamb: she was born to a ewe named Truffle at the Central Park Zoo as zookeepers rushed to prepare the animals for the storm on Saturday. Her name is Irene Hope. The zookeepers weren’t expecting any sheep to give birth because that generally occurs in late winter/early spring, so she is obviously a miracle.

Then, the lost cat! Over the weekend, a pretty female white and yellow cat was found in Clinton Hill, desperately trying to get inside a building (it’s possible she was outside all night during the storm). She didn’t seem to be a stray and a Gothamist reader took her in. Look at her sad sweet eyes:

Happily, “Irene” (of course) has been adopted! Except it turned out that she is actually a male cat, so he’s been re-christened “Reno.” Either way, Reno/Irene joins adorable little Irene Hope in coming out on top after the storm.