Dish No. 36: Kulushkät Gourmet Falafel’s Classic Falafel Sandwich


Since opening earlier this year off of Flatbush Avenue, Kalushkät Gourmet Falafel has distinguished itself with, simply put, some damn fine balls.

They’re put to excellent use in Kulushkät’s Classic falafel sandwich, where they share pita real estate with a citrus- and cilantro-spiked red cabbage salad and a few voluptuous chunks of roasted eggplant. The falafel themselves are fried to swarthy perfection, and boast a crisp exterior and creamy guts. They’re seasoned with an earthy, vibrant combination of cilantro, onion, parsley, and spices including cumin and paprika. Attention has also been paid to the pita, which is soft, pliant, and tastes like something that emerged from an oven instead of a plastic bag.

It’s a sandwich befitting of Kalushkät’s name, which is Moroccan Arabic for “shut up and eat.” You’d be wise to heed the command.

Kulushkät Gourmet Falafel
446 Dean Street, Brooklyn

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