I’m On Gay USA Tonight!


Andy Humm and Ann Northrop have long brought important LGBT issues into the open with their stimulating Gay USA show.

And on tonight’s program (11 to midnight, Channel 34), they welcome me into their midst for a real Humm-dinger.

As Andy e-blasted to the world:

“OUR GUEST THIS WEEK for our last fifteen minutes is Michael Musto, Village Voice columnist, humorist, and gossip who is out with his wonderful collection of essays, Fork on the Left, Knife in the Back (Vantage Point), dedicated to ‘everyone who is still speaking to me.’

“Michael dishes with us about reality shows, Broadway, closeted celebrities, the continued allure of New York, the death of nightlife, and his early years as the only Italian only-child in Brooklyn.”

Tune in — or I won’t be speaking to you.