n+1 Personals Is Starting to Attract the Inevitable Creeps [Update: The Interns Speak!]


It happens with any online dating site. Any social network, even. After a while, the filters get less and less stringent and the real creepy dudes start leaking in and next thing you know, you’re MySpace. Sad young literary magazine n+1‘s new personals site, only a few days old, is already attracting icky older guys, or at least guys who make themselves sound like icky older guys in jest (probably the latter). This ad is from “THE LETHARGIC READER BOY LUSTING AFTER COLLEGE-AGE GIRLS”:

I have a habit of buying books without actually reading them. Perhaps I just like the idea of possessing them, being surrounded by them, distantly hoping I can accumulate a library to rival Montaigne’s one day. I read at the dinner table. And probably at the breakfast and lunch table, too. I like contemporary lit & international soccer. I was reading this article [] about personal ads before writing this. 90% of my conversations start with the phrase, “I was reading this article…” Hope you’re poorly read, really dumb, and not sarcastic at all. Indolence is one of my favorite pastimes. Any Philadelphia college-age girls perusing this fine tumblr?

So, Philly girls between 18-22? Any takers?

Are these ads working? Are fanciful literary people finding each other thanks to n+1? We’re awaiting an update from the n+1 interns, who originated the whole endeavor (“Why not use the platform of our burgeoning organization to bring likeminded singles together? We all want the same things: someone to read with, to cook for, to drag to dive concerts, or silently accompany to hungover brunches.”) — that is, if it’s a real thing and not an elaborate prank.

Update 11:59 a.m.: The interns have spoken! The personals site is not a hoax, according to n+1 intern Kaitlin Philips.

Are they having any success? “Things are picking up!” Kaitlin said. “At the moment I have an inbox full of personals and a rather steady stream of requests for contact.” The pie girl is reportedly doing well.

Kaitlin added that the other interns are all collaborating on the project and that “it’s great to be an intern at n+1! And, perhaps, a good time to be young and single in Brooklyn.”