NYPD Commander Pressured Me On Ticket Quotas, Cop Claims


A second police officer has filed a lawsuit alleging his former precinct commander demanded ticket quotas and punished officers for not attaining them, the Daily News is reporting.

Sgt. Christopher Groben is also alleging that Inspector Donald McHugh often make racist remarks and ordered Groben to give negative performance evaluations to two black sergeants, the news says.

McHugh was at the time the commanding officer of the 41st Precinct in Hunts Point. He is now commander of the new World Trade Center unit.

Groben claims that he complained, but the department didn’t do anything about it. Instead, he was transferred to the housing division.

An NYPD spokeswoman told the News that Groben was disciplined for not following orders, and added that he has an “extensive disciplinary background.” The News says Groben was arrested last December for assaulting his girlfriend.

Last year as part of the “NYPD Tapes” series, the Voice reported similar claims by another 41st precinct officer, Adil Polanco. Polanco has also sued the NYPD.