The Twin Towers Appeared in Hundreds of Movies from 1968 Until 2001


New York City has been used as a cinematic backdrop in countless movies, so it’s no surprise that the World Trade Center towers made hundreds of cameos in film from the start of the buildings’ construction in the late ’60s until their tragic destruction in 2001. Dan Meth, a 34-year-old animator and cartoonist, has compiled an assortment of his favorites into a video tribute to the towers — “sometimes featured prominently in the foreground, sometimes lurking in the distance,” he writes.

Making the video took him six or seven months. Along with watching as many clips as he could find and selecting the best, he chose three songs, one per decade, to reflect the New York experience.

Meth told us, “I grew up in the New York area. I’ll always remember the Twin Towers. In the past 10 years the only images we’ve seen of them is them blowing up or falling down, but there were 30 great years of them being part of the landscape.”

He writes, with the video, “This montage celebrates the towers’ all-too-short film career with songs that capture the passing decades. Man, I miss them.”