When Hoop Dreams End, Make Soup: Shaq Teams Up with The Original SoupMan


There’s really no greater polymath than Shaquille O’Neal. Obviously he had mad basketball skills, but he also released four rap albums, several television shows, and, most importantly, the film Kazaam. He has real estate ventures and even somehow managed the time to undertake coursework for a Ph.D. (his thesis is entitled “The Duality of Humor and Aggression in Leadership Styles”). And now he’s devoting his energies toward soup making!

According to reps for the Original SoupMan, which now has several New York City locations, the former NBA star will join the company as a “a partner, brand champion, adviser, and all-around SouperMan.” His favorite of their offerings? Lobster bisque, of course. But maybe now the company can come up with a soup called Shaqav, based off the Russian sorrel soup shchav. Because having a namesake soup would be pretty baller.