Fatty ‘Cue Invokes Thai Custom to Encourage Heavy but Casual Drinking


A couple of days after opening his Carmine Street location of Fatty ‘Cue, Zak Pelaccio has taken to Food Republic to explain his approach to the restaurant’s bottle service. Unlike the odious practice common to certain twatty clubs, bottle service at Fatty ‘Cue will mean drinking like they do in Thailand, which is to order booze by the bottle. “You sit down at a table,” Pelaccio and his partner Jori Jayne Emde write, “order some food and a bottle of Sang Som or Mekhong or whatever, perhaps you also order a beer, and out comes a small side table on which your bottles are placed, along with some soda water, limes and a bucket of ice. More often than not the waiter fills your glass with ice, pours your first glass of booze and then, well, it’s your party.”

It bears mentioning, however, that all bottles are not created equal: Patrons who order “super-rare, ultra-expensive” bottles will be given a chance to play restaurant DJ. So long as they “party responsibly,” which means “no shitty music.”