Gays Should Be Criminalized Again!


That’s what a spokesperson for the American Family Association shot out of his mouth the other day, desperate for a return to the good old days when holding hands with someone of the same sex could land you a free trip to jail.

For all I know, he’d even like to turn the USA into Uganda, where “a kiss on the lips may be quite continental. Hanging is a girl’s best friend.”

As a friend said to me, “At least someone had the nerve to say what a lot of them are thinking.”

(Though Rick Perry has all along been openly in favor of a Texas statute to criminalize homosexuality.)

Well, let’s say these righteously hateful lummoxes get their way and being gay becomes illegal throughout the country.

That could be extremely odd in the states where gays can get married.

You’ll have to scream your vows to your spouse in another cell down the hall!

These Republicans just don’t think things through.