Queens Elementary School Has the Worst Bedbug Problem In the City


Astoria’s P.S. 70 has been given the dubious honor of being the most bedbuggy school in the city. It’s the only school in New York that’s been found to have bedbugs that inspectors admit came from inside the building. Usually when bedbugs are found in public schools, officials claim that the bugs came from the students; but with P.S. 70, “There was evidence of breeding last winter in one closet in one classroom in a school system of 1,600 schools. The bedbugs were removed,” an Education Department spokesman told the Daily News. Though the bedbugs were spotted in December, no one from the DOE told anyone because they weren’t required to at the time.

New requirements from February force DOE inspectors to notify the principal, but poor P.S. 70 never knew a thing. Meanwhile, bedbugs were mounting a campaign right inside the building. Very cool, Education Department. Well-handled. A+.

Overall, it’s been a big year for scholastic bedbugs. Bedbug reports in schools rose from 1,019 last year to 3,590 in the 2010-11 year. Keep in mind that that could mean anything from an actual infestation to a single bedbug found on a child’s coat.

Schools now join other people’s houses, movie theaters, magazine offices, subways, jails, the U.N, Victoria’s Secret, Hollister, NYU dorms, and everywhere else as places that you should never ever go if you don’t want the bedbugs to get you.