Rich People in the Hamptons Say They Are Being Punished for Being Rich


According to the New York Post, wealthy summer residents of Sagaponack, in the Hamptons, are very upset that they were without power (REAL power, not stupid old generator power) for so long following Hurricane Irene. They are so upset that they have made calls to “representatives, senators — and even the White House” — alas, to no avail. They are beginning to detect a conspiracy at work. Perhaps society is punishing them for being wealthy.

Actual quote said to actual newspaper here:

“People are beginning to wonder if this messy business isn’t some kind of backlash to our idyllic, serene enclave,” said Michael Davis, a Sagaponack resident who builds homes throughout the Hamptons.

Davis and some of his neighbors suggested a blue-collar backlash was aimed at well-heeled homeowners, who are likelier to have generators at home.

Which is to say, many of these residents, unlike other hurricane victims on the East Coast, did have power — just not the power they wanted to have. Noisy power. Smelly power. Not very rich-person-appropriate power. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THEY HAD TO GO TO STARBUCKS TO CHARGE THEIR BLACKBERRYS.

Meanwhile, oh yeah, power is now back to the majority of these ill-fated Sagaponack residents…but not to some 895,000 people elsewhere, who are being punished for what seems like absolutely no reason at all.

They’re rich & powerless [NYP]