Young Male Model Is Extremely Shy


Oh, look at this strapping young fellow! His name is Clark Cord, and he is very handsome — handsome enough to be a model (in fact, he is a model, having just won the VMAN model search). In order to keep his model-esque physique, Cord must work out in public, in the city, which means he must also take his shirt off in public, in the city. Sometimes he uses common city objects, like mailboxes, subway trains, traffic lights, escalators, and fire escapes as tools in his workout, because not only is he a male model, he is innovative and economical. After all, this is cheaper than a regular gym, as is using a giant concrete block to do bicep curls, as long as you don’t hit yourself in the head with one of its jagged edges.

In related news, one time we went out with a guy who insisted on doing pull-ups on scaffolding instead of just going to the gym like a normal person, and when other people would walk by we would pretend we didn’t know him. But, then, he hadn’t won the VMAN model search.

The price of beauty!

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Male Model Does Push-Ups on Everything in the City [Racked]