Big Gay Ice Cream Shop Opens in the East Village, Amid Gleeful Mayhem


That’s Doug Quint on the left, obviously relieved that the place is finally open. (Click on any photo to enlarge.)

A carnival atmosphere prevailed as the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop finally debuted on East 7th Street, steps from the southwest corner of Tompkins Square. By noon, the line stretched all the way to the park, and only kept growing as the clock ticked. At 12:42, the door finally swung open to admit the first three lucky patrons.

Here’s Rebecca Marx’s look at the interior and the new menu.

By 12:15, the line already stretched down the block.

By 12:25, the line had swelled to fill the sidewalk in front of the Peter Jarema funeral home.

As Ari Kiki — The Hot Mess galloped up, a great shout of appreciation arose from the crowd.

At 12:42, the official opening occurred.

Now open for business!

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