Long Island: Where You Can Get Tattooed at a Hockey Game


Sick of waiting until after the Islanders-Predators game to get that tattoo of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes pissing on a Rangers logo? Now you don’t have to wait! CNBC’s Darren Rovell reports Long Island tattoo chain Tattoo Lou’s is opening a parlor inside Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The pangs of regret you feel during the long drive home from yet another Islanders loss will be nothing compared to the feeling you’ll get after spotting that fresh Kyle Okposo tramp stamp in the mirror the next morning.

The tattoo parlor will be open in one of the Coliseum’s concourses for ten home games next season. The idea was born when Islanders assistant coach Scott Allen went to a Tattoo Lou’s and liked the work they did so much he thought the Nassau Coliseum needed an outpost. The board of health approved the plan and next season Islanders fans will barely miss any hockey action while getting work done in a shop that “looks like a penalty box.”

You can have Shake Shack while watching the Mets and eat Sushi in Yankee Stadium; it’s only appropriate that you can pay someone to jab you with needles during an Islanders game.

Islanders Name Official Tattoo Shop [CNBC via Deadspin]