Television Show Marketed to Hampton Jitney Riders During Precious Jitney Time


In an attempt to build “buzz” for their upcoming drama Revenge, ABC will hand out pilot scripts to passengers on the Hampton Jitney this weekend. The show, which is set in the Hamptons, is based on The Count of Monte Cristo. Will Hamptons residents enjoy reading a tale about someone planning to murder Hamptons residents while on their way to the Hamptons to do Hamptons things, or will they tuck the script under their seat and forget about it after watching Hall Pass on their iPads? Our guess is the latter.

Revenge towels will also be passed out on Hamptons beaches as well as in New Jersey and Los Angeles, the Hollywood Reporter says. The towels may be a more effective marketing tool than the scripts because they don’t ruin the plot of the episode you are being asked to watch. They also dry you off.

ABC’s ‘Revenge’ Hands Out Pilot Scripts and Towels to Hamptons-Bound Vacationers [THR]