Madly Wild Fried Chicken Debuts in Sunset Park With Wildly Cheap Chicken, Dish No: 33


It may not be the world’s best fried chicken, but it’s pretty good, and the price is right.

Who isn’t a sucker for a great restaurant name, or at least a really catchy one? One recent addition to this cadre is Madly Wild Fried Chicken in Sunset Park. Though the place advertises itself as a food court via the less beguiling name of American Star Food Court Inc., there’s only one counter inside, and that counter dispenses fried chicken.

The Greek place mats are a nice touch.

The chicken has a nice, crisp coating, and the interior is engagingly moist. Best of all, perhaps, is the price: $1 per wing, $1.50 for a huge drumstick; and $2 for a breast big enough to call lunch. The potatoes and gravy are a little thin, but flavorful. And the promised biscuits were missing entirely. Still, this is a great pit stop for cheap fried chicken.

Madly Wild Fried Chicken
4317 Eighth Avenue
Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Not really a food court, just a new fried chicken place

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