Comments of the Week: The Village Voice T-Shirt Giveaway!


Happy Labor Day to all! In our rush to get started on the holiday weekend, we didn’t do our Comments of the Week roundup on Friday, so here it is in a special Monday edition. Every week we highlight a few comments that were particularly smart, or made us laugh, or started a thought-provoking discussion — and the authors of those comments win a Village Voice t-shirt! (As the owner of one, I can vouch for its softness and stylishness.) To claim your t-shirt if you’ve won, email our Web Editor Francesca Stabile. Without further ado, this week’s best comments:

Best Alias

On “Police Horse and Bulldog are Best Friends,” from “Equine Officer Eddie”: “What friends? As one of the humans in the video noted, I liked the peppermint taste of Potato’s fur.” (N.B. Potato is the bulldog in question.)

Most Anarchic

Most of the comments on “There Will Be a Boardwalk Empire Subway Train” dealt with how cool the old-fashioned train looks. “K L O Y” had other ideas: “Can’t wait to tag it!”

The Righteous Anger Award

Jen’s “How to Behave on the Subway: A Comprehensive Guide” definitely struck a nerve among subway-riding readers, especially “maddy,” who wrote:

Spreading your legs wide and straddling three seats is not only rude and annoying, you will probably go to hell for it, as you will for holding the subway doors –> I SURE HOPE THERE IS SUCH A HELL


The Thoughtfulness Prize

The retro sexism of J.C. Penney’s ‘Too Pretty To Do Homework’ t-shirt really got people riled up. It was refreshing to read Tamara McCoy-Carrell’s take on it, which put the issue in perspective:

I don’t agree with the t-shirt, but really, in the grand scheme of things does this make a difference? Sure, the shirt got pulled, but what are we doing about the media making little girls feel as though they need to wear makeup at 8, wear brand name clothing, or look up to people such as Kim Kardashian? Next time you see a little girl, don’t comment on how cute her dress is or how pretty she is, tell her how smart she is.

Congrats, winners! Remember, email Francesca to get your shirts.