Dish No. 32: Haitian Griot, or Grillot, at the Labor Day Parade


The griot, or grillot, come with a luscious green salad.

Griot (also spelled grillot) is one of the triumphs of Haitian Creole cuisine, pork nuggets soaked in a solution of shallots and sour orange juice, boiled in the solution until the pan dries out, and then fried in lard, rendering the pork chunks moist, crunchy, and chewy at the same time. And the flavor is not to be believed.

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This wonderful meal (which could have also included rice) was purchased on the sidewalk during today’s Labor Day parade, one of many amazing island dishes for sale by the cooks who make them the best — often renowned in their communities for their cooking abilities. And the competition is fierce. If your version of a certain dish is not the best, it simply won’t sell.

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