Jason Denton Ventures Into Cinematic Territory With Indie Food & Wine


Picking up where the Nitehawk Cinema left off, Jason Denton is bridging the food-film divide with Indie Food & Wine, a café in Lincoln Cinema’s new Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center. Grub Street reports that the 45-seat café, which opens in the theater next week, will serve breakfast and cafeteria-style lunch and dinner executed by Rebecca Weitzman, who also heads the kitchen at Thistle Hill Tavern. The concessions, as you might expect, will look beyond Hot Tamales and Raisinettes: The pretzels will be house-baked, the hot dogs made from organic beef, and the popcorn anointed with fairy dustings of Parmesan-black truffle, sea salt, chili-lime, and salted caramel.