Michelle Matson, Voice Cover Story Bike-Accident Victim, Will Be on Reality TV


File under odd coincidences. Michelle Matson, the Greenpoint bike-accident victim featured in our August 17 cover story, is going to be one of 14 contestants on BRAVO’s Work of Art: The Next Great Artist season 2. Matson, for her part, is an SVA grad and a Brooklyn sculptor/artist who’s been working for painter Marilyn Minter and fabricating paper sculptures independently over the last few years. She almost nearly died after a terrible Greenpoint bike accident during CMJ that local cops didn’t really investigate, which we wrote about extensively. Now Michelle Matson has a reality TV slot and a solo show scheduled for January 2012 at the project space “Youth Group Gallery” in Brooklyn.

There’s nary a glimpse of Michelle in the trailer, a sourfaced montage of arts-and-crafts workouts in which season-guest Sarah Jessica Parker woefully wipes her eyes, bootleg toymaker Sucklord tells off the judges, and Brooklyn-based placenta-meal photographer Kathryn Parker Almanas openly blubbers. Michelle does get her own bio page and sexy portrait, which is nice considering that she’s heretofore been mostly seen an unmasked stormtrooper. We assume that Bravo will include the sympathetic bike-victim angle to bolster her character, but then again, maybe bicycling is too lowbrow for Carrie Bradshaw’s art world? The series, which also features former Voice art critic Jerry Saltz as a judge, premieres October 12.