Waverly Inn Robbed, Sorella Pelted With Coors Light


Although plenty of folks fled the city for Labor Day weekend, a few miscreants remained to make trouble for the Waverly Inn and Sorella.

DNAinfo reports that the former was robbed early Friday morning by a pair of thieves who allegedly struck one of the restaurant’s workers in the face before leaving with bottles of liquor. The worker was listed in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital.

Although there were no details about what sort of alcohol was stolen from the Waverly Inn, perhaps one bottle was a 40-ounce of Coors Light. That’s what smashed through the glass roof over Sorella’s dining room late Saturday night, causing chef-owner Emma Hearst to close the space indefinitely, Eater reports.

Hearst is keeping the bar room open and offering a new special involving a tall-boy beer, so life goes on — and as unfortunate as it may be to have one’s business fall victim to 40 ounces of Coors Light, at least it wasn’t a bottle of Chick.