10 Specials We Hope Bronx Restaurants Will Consider in Honor of the Big Four’s Impending Yankee Stadium Show


A week from tonight, four titans of heavy metal–Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer–will come together at Yankee Stadium for The Big 4’s East Coast concert. It’s going to be great! The Bronx is pretty excited about the impending metal invasion, too, as evidenced by the missive from its tourism board SOTC received today. In addition to noting that a radio station from Baltimore will be simulcasting live from the Bronx as part of the festivities (guess no NYC station could fit metal into its format? sigh), it includes the following news: “In the build up to the concert, the Bronx Tourism Council at BOEDC is spearheading the Metal Heads Welcome promotion, which spotlights the businesses in the 161st Street neighborhood surrounding the stadium. Restaurants and bars will offer choices like ‘Metallica Martinis’ and ‘Metal Mayhem Meatball’ specials and pipe in music by the world-famous bands.” Dining establishments are still putting together their lists of specials, so there’s still time for them to add some–or all!–of the following 10 menu items named after iconic moments from each of the Big 4 bands!

Raining Bloody Marys

I Am The Long Island Iced Tea

99 Ways To Dine Appetizer Platter

Dave Ellefson’s Buffalo Wings With “Really Cool Spicing”

Blackened Tuna

Hangar 18 Steak

Caught In A Mashed Potato

Master Of Hush Puppies

I’m The Flan

Angel Food Cake Of Death

Feel free to suggest more!