Alec Baldwin Speaks Out Against Attitude-Having Starbucks Barista


Not only is Alec Baldwin not/maybe/possibly running for mayor someday, he’s also a consumer advocate, little did we all know.

Oh. Shit. Jay should watch out! Except Jay doesn’t exist.

Or at least, we were told that no one named Jay works at that Starbucks location when we called just now. Who knows how Baldwin got the name Jay? But anyway, some “Uptight Queen barrista [sic]” at the Starbucks at 2521 Broadway really got under Alec’s skin. This is either bad or great publicity for Starbucks, which doesn’t need any more publicity.

But lest you think Baldwin is picking on employees out of spite, know that he also nominates a certain Clyde as “2dayz Coolest NYer”: