American Meat Takes an ‘Even-Handed Look at Animal Husbandry’


AMERICAN MEAT TRAILER from Leave It Better on Vimeo.

Since the release of Food, Inc. three years ago, the film industry has taken a holiday from the national food debate (HBO’s Temple Grandin biopic not withstanding). That’s about to change, thanks to American Meat.

Described on its website as a “solutions-oriented macroscopic documentary,” the film examines the U.S. meat industry by way of interviews with the likes of sustainable farming guru Joel Salatin, Chipotle founder Steve Ells, and big farmers like Fred Kirschenmann and Chuck Wirtz. The movie’s producers told Food Safety News that it will “take an even-handed look at animal husbandry,” and, certainly, all of the bucolic images of frolicking livestock suggest as much. When the film hits DVD next February (it’s only being screened locally), you can judge for yourself; we’re just hoping it doesn’t give these guys a free pass.

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