Colin Quinn to Judge Vendys; Le Bernardin, Renovated, Reopens Friday


Wondering what deep-fried monstrosity won the “most creative” category at the Texas State Fair this year? Fried bubble gum.

Brooklyn native Colin Quinn will be a judge at this year’s Vendy Awards, alongside CNN’s Kat Kinsman and New York Times columnist John T. Edge.

A number of California chefs plan to ignore the statewide ban on foie gras when it goes into effect next year.

When Le Bernardin reopens on Friday, it will look nothing like its former self. Redesigned by Bentel & Bentel, it will feature a 24-foot triptych painting by Brooklynite Ran Ortner.
[NY Times]

A California fruit breeder is trying to create the “pluerry,” a plum-cherry hybrid that will hopefully join the ranks of the Pluot and Aprium.
[Wall Street Journal]

Zagat has released the results of its fast-food chain survey. Subway was the favorite mega-chain, Five Guys the top large chain, and Starbucks took the refreshment category.