Dish No. 30: Westville East’s Veggie Burger


Westville East is our go-to for unassuming yet often very well-prepared comfort food. This is in part because of the restaurant’s veggie burger, which is as idiosyncratic as it is delicious.

Westville strays from accepted veggie-burger orthodoxy by parking its patty on a Portuguese bun, which is basically an English muffin with a more exotic accent. Fluffy and slender, the bun accents rather than overwhelms the patty, which is deep-fried and reminiscent of a corn fritter, but in a good way: Its exterior is crunchy, and its guts are moist and tender. It’s smeared with a bit of tangy tartar sauce and melted, shredded Gouda, and top-loaded with a pile of sautéed mushrooms, which give it a pleasantly earthy funk.

As a bonus, the burger comes with a pristine clump of assorted greens that are possibly the freshest and crispiest to accompany any New York burger, veggie or otherwise.

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