Eddie Murphy As Oscar Host: Waaa!


I’m not thrilled about Eddie Murphy being chosen to host the next Oscars.

First the good news:

After the last telecast with poor, defeated Anne Hathaway and James Franco totally at sea, they’re smart to go back to a comedian, someone with a stand-up background and some hilarious instincts.

But did it have to be this comedian?

Don’t Eddie’s homophobic jokes back in the darker days of the LGBT community still resonate in the memory as even more hideous than Meet Dave?

And when he lost the Oscar for 2006’s Dreamgirls, wasn’t he ungracious about the whole process to the point of being a rather grumpy loser?

And isn’t Eddie on a bit of a career slide that started with the multiple-Razzie-winning Norbit? Why nab him now? (Oh, I guess because it’s hard to get someone on top to take such a risk these days.)

And wouldn’t he be a whole lot funnier if he could laugh about his own driving-the-transsexual-home incident rather than continue to sweep it under the shag carpet?

Oh, well. At least it won’t be boring.