Mary Kocy Will Water-ski Around Manhattan for Charity


Mary Kocy, who describes herself as “a middle-aged woman who can’t walk in two-inch heels,” will be doing something relatively unheard of, that is, water-skiing around Manhattan on September 18 (with a rain date of September 25) to raise money for veterans facing traumatic brain injuries or post-traumatic stress disorder in an effort she’s calling “One Good Turn Around Manhattan.” Her goal is to raise $50,000; she’s currently at $8,135. She just learned to water-ski last summer.

Kocy’s husband’s name is John Rusk, though there’s no family relation to the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, with whom she has partnered to raise funds, as the New York Times explains. Her family used to get the Rusk Institute’s phone calls, apparently. As Kocy writes on her fundraising page:

I know, it sounds nuts! Traumatic brain injury and waterskiing and I am not even a real athlete–I hadn’t waterskied until vacation last summer when I got up in the Hudson River. Maybe it was the PCBs talking, but I started believing that I could make it around Manhattan for a cause. As I searched for a worthwhile cause something clicked. For years our company, Rusk Renovations has received misplaced calls for the Rusk Institute. Why not do something with Rusk for the benefit of veterans?

This is that something. With your support–and my ability to hold onto the end of a rope for 30 miles–we can offer support and better outcomes for these brave men and women who gave their service to our country. $650 provides a neuroimaging brain scan and rehabilitation for one veteran. $1,500 can provide him/her with the full range of the program services.

The trip is expected to take from 90 minutes to two hours which, if you’ve ever water-skiied, you will know is quite a lengthy amount of time to hang onto a rope and at least deserving of a certain amount of respect. Kocy will, for the record, wear a LED-covered helmet, which has been mandated by…the Rusk Institute, of course.

On Skis, Taking a Fund-Raising Trip Around Manhattan [NYT]