There Will Be a Giant Lightsaber Battle in Washington Square Park This Month


On Saturday, September 24, there will be an epic event in Washington Square Park, a night to remember, Jedi vs. Sith, hands aglow with lightsabers, battling to the pain or to whatever one battles to with a lightsaber. The brains behind Lightsaber Battle 2011, Kevin Bracken and Lori Kufner of Newmindspace, are known for their hosting of giant, free events in cities, like, for instance, pillow fights in Union Square. This one, too, is free, but for the cost of a $5 lightsaber, which you know you want, and can reserve here. (If you already have a lightsaber, feel free to bring it. We will not judge you.)

According to the event’s Facebook page, 740 people are currently expecting to attend. Bracken tells us that lightsabers will be distributed at Washington Square Park at 8:30 on the night of the 24th. Then, “the pre-battle ritual begins, which involves dancers in glowing costumes and glowing hula hoopers. Then the crowd is divided in half by color, and the battle begins.”

This is the 6th lightsaber battle Newmindspace has organized, and the third in New York City. Bracken said they’re hoping 1,000 will attend. They have “500 sabers, plus spectators, plus already-equipped Jedi.” The event was inspired, he says, by Star Wars…and, actually, Burning Man: “There used to be a guy who gave out 10,000 sabers. If we were rich we’d arm all New Yorkers with blinky lights.”

The whole event will last over an hour, and all ages are welcome. Also, you can volunteer to help hand out sabers, and they’re looking for LED hula hoopers, glowing costume wearers and other participants for the conclave performances. Check Newmindspace’s website for more details.


Follow these simple rules to make sure everybody is safe:
+ Swing lightly, as there will be many people swinging at once
+ Don’t hit people in the face. This should be pretty obvious.
+ Goggles are stylish and a good way to protect your eyes!
+ When in doubt, tap out.