Wheel of Fortune Is Way Ahead of Dancing With The Stars


All the fuss from Dancing With the Stars producers explaining away why they can’t possibly have a same-sex couple on the show seems extra ridiculous when you remember that such a configuration has been unabashedly featured on sitcoms, soaps, talk shows, and reality shows.

And on Wheel of Fortune!

Every once in a while, a contestant on that long-running game show will give a shout-out to his or her same-sex partner — and no one flinches.

And remember the time in 2009 (see clip above) when a male contestant thanked his male fiancé, who ended up hugging him over and over again when the guy solved the puzzle?

Two males hugging and loving!

And no one looted in the streets. No one became corrupted. The world went on. And it was a lovely moment for equalizing everyone under our nation’s big umbrella of freedom.

So come on, Dancing.

Solve your puzzle and catch up with two years ago.