Where Was I Eating? Per Se


And how quickly we come to the end of this week’s Where Am I Eating? It was a relatively easy one this week, with the pictured dish being none other than the famed oysters and pearls at Per Se. The dish, a Thomas Keller classic, is a menu staple at the luxe restaurant located in the Time Warner Center (it’s also available at the French Laundry, a/k/a Per Se, West Coast). The dish combines tiny Island Creek oysters with a fat lump of Osetra caviar, while tiny tapioca pearls lie hidden under a pool of butter sauce. It’s a timeless and iconic dish that’s ridiculously decadent, and, yes, ridiculously tasty.

Congratulations to Maxmack13, who was the first person to answer correctly. Please email me to claim your cookbook. Thanks to all who played, and I hope to see you all back here again next Monday for a new round of the game.