You Can Now Eat Atomic Wings at the Subway Inn


The Subway Inn opened on East 60th Street in 1937. It has spent the subsequent 74 years preserving its vaunted reputation as the dive to end all dives, a comfortingly no-brow refuge for drunks, wayward Bloomingdale’s workers, and pretty much everyone in between. And now, it is catering to the varied appetites of its patrons with Atomic Wings.

EV Grieve reports that the bar has apparently entered into a partnership with the New York-based chain; you can now get a pile of dismembered chicken parts delivered table-side, to be summarily washed down with $4 shots of hard liquor. Atomic Wings has a similar arrangement with bars throughout the city; while we can’t claim to be fans, we’ll give them (and the Subway Inn) credit for knowing their audience.