Aggie, Aged Prospect Park Zoo Cow, Has Passed Away


Aggie, the beloved cow who lived at the Prospect Park Zoo, died yesterday at age 18 of natural causes — namely, being really old. Everyone loved Aggie (short for Agatha), and she even had a “moo box” where admirers could leave notes like the creepy one quoted by City Room: “You are beautiful, and I would never want to eat you.”

Aggie was a clever cow; the Daily News reported in April that Aggie had learned how to open the barn doors and steal hay from the alpacas. The zoo’s director told NYDN that Aggie was “a diva” who loved her audience. Only natural considering that she was the top attraction at the Prospect Park Zoo, ahead of the more exotic animals like monkeys and kangaroos.

The most basic farm animals are the “divas” here. That really says something about New York, though we’re not sure exactly what.

R.I.P., Aggie.