Fashion Has Discovered the Truck


The truck, long a symbol of power, class, and style, has been discovered by a new group of forward thinkers and taste-makers. The truck has been discovered by fashion! Remember when things were sold in stationary buildings, and sometimes online, once the Internet was born? Now things are sold, and sometimes given away for free, out of trucks. Small things, big things, servicey things, anything that can fit through a window, really, and some things that can’t. And so, tonight, a night in which people across New York City will be “celebrating fashion” and running around and seeing and buying things (more about that here), and for days to follow, there will be plenty of trucks. Food trucks, yes, but also style trucks, and hair trucks, and Band-Aid trucks, and milkshake trucks. Trucks, trucks are the future.

Among the trucks, and the truck offerings, there are the following:

The Urban Decay & Eddie’s Pizza Truck
This one rolls around from September 10 until 12, providing “beautified versions of Eddie’s famous thin-crust bar-pie” to people who eat such things. Tickets will be given out in the Lincoln Center promenade, and you can also follow @UrbanDecay411 for giveaways. This truck apparently includes the option of delivery. We like delivery.

The L’Oréal Paris Elnett Car
This adorable vehicle festooned with what seems to be a giant bottle of shampoo travels about the city’s “most popular neighborhoods” from September 8 through 15 and gives free samples, style touch-ups, and a chance to win “NYC-inspired prizes.” Follow @LOrealParisUSA for more info.

Cynthia Rowley’s Glambulance
This one, as seen above, a combined effort between Cynthia Rowley and Band-Aid, launches tonight and will transport a hair stylist, a make-up artist, and first-aid kits with specially designed bandages by Rowley. They’ll be at 5th and 52nd tonight and Columbus Circle tomorrow.

Barbie’s Scavenger Hunt
This is a bus, not a truck, but no matter. Barbie meets free Gray Line double-deckers, which will drop you off at scavenger hunt spots including Alice + Olivia, Alexis Bittar, Tracy Reese, and Rogan. For the scavenger hunt part of the program, you’re supposed to find “the Barbie-size version of the fashions each designer has created specially for Barbie, enter the QR code, and be entered to win the full-sized outfit for yourself.” Whee. Tonight only, buses leaving at 6 from 59th Street and 8th Avenue.

The Manolo Blahnik Milkshake Truck
These providers of liquified deliciousness will be traveling around all day today, stopping at various locations around the city. Also, Sarah Jessica Parker will be at the Manolo Blahnik store from 6:30 to 7:30 tonight. Will she have a milkshake? We have no idea.

The Beauty Bus
This offering from Hair Room Service and Daily Candy will offer a “free mobile makeover experience” post Fashion Week, from September 22 to 24. This truck is outfitted like a beauty/hair salon (why not?) and will invite folks aboard for makeup application, beauty tips, and hair consultations. They’ll be in Soho, Bryant Park, and Union Square.

Whether trucks and fashion are a match made in heaven or not, they are here, and this latest move in the trucks-taking-over-the-world trend (vibrator trucks? Yes, vibrator trucks) means that it is clearly here to stay, and not confined to whatever you think should rightfully be sold out of a truck, like popsicles and stolen VCRs. Thus, we have only two words: Wine trucks.